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When I start to learn something new. I often act in accordance with the Shuhari framework.

The Shuhari concept teaches me “learning fundamentals first”. This concept is like a “writing hello world”, “using patterns” and “reading OSS codes” in software development industry.

It is very difficult to start something new with no experience in its domain. There is no shortest way to learning new skill. One thing I can say is “do it right away”. But various effective learning technics are existing in this world such as Shuhari.

My kids are sometimes annoyed by their homework such as book report. In Japansese elementary school, Most children don’t like writing book report. What do you think the reason is ?

I think, Children don’t have any templates or formats for writing book report. The Japanese elementary school should give children to book report template.

Learning with template is efficient way for evenryone. Of course we don’t forget to break the template finally.